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Standard operating procedure for Operation and Calibration of Air Sampler

1.0 Purpose:  

To lay down a procedure for operation and calibration of air sampler.

2.0 Scope:

This procedure is applicable for operation and calibration of air sampler having Make- Himedia, Model No.- LA638 Microbiology laboratory.

3.0 Responsibility:

Microbiologist / Designee:To operating the air sampler and perform sampling procedure as per SOP.

Head/ designee - QC : To review and ensure compliance of SOP.

Head/ designee - QA : To approve, implement and ensure compliance of SOP.

4.0 Procedure:

4.1 Precaution:

4.1.1 Ensure that the Air sampler SS feeder cone and the dust cover have been sterilized in the autoclave at 121°C for 30 minutes. Do not autoclave the body of Air sampler.

4.1.2 Do not subject the air sampler to sudden shock. 

4.1.3 Clean the air sampler with a soft damp cloth and a mild disinfectant 70% IPA. Do not use harsh abrasives.

4.1.4 Do not submerge in water, do not pour or spray water directly on the air sampler.

4.2 Clean the outer surface and air sampler SS feeder cone with 70% IPA. After drying the IPA, fit the SCDA plate on holder and operate the air sampler as given bellow.

4.3 Operation:

4.3.1 Switch "ON" the power from switch. The flow rate is fix at 125 liter/ minute.

4.3.2 The display shows the 000.

4.3.3 First press the "SET" key and delay time flashes.

4.3.4 Press "UP/DOWN" to set delay in seconds flashed (e.g. d10), that is the time required for the motor start after full adjustment in the Air sampler.

4.3.5 Press "SET" again to fix delay time and press "SET" to obtain 000 flashing.

4.3.6 Press "UP/DOWN" while 000 flashes to set sampling time in seconds as per required, this is determined by the amount of air sampled per second as mentioned on the technical information provided by manufacturer.

4.3.7 Press again to fix sampling time and obtain 000 displays.

4.3.8 Press "ON" instrument will start after (SET) delay and stop after (SET) sampling time.

4.3.9 When the set sampling time in seconds reaches to zero the fan will automatically turned "OFF" and buzzer will be turned "ON" for a few seconds.

4.3.10 User can press the stop key if he or she desires to quit the sampling process any time in between.

4.4 Calibration:

4.4.1 Calibration of the air sampling device is to be carried out once a year by external party.

5.0 Abbreviation:

QA-Quality Assurance
QC-Quality Control
SOP-Standard operating procedure
IPA-Isopropyl Alcohol
SCDA-Soyabean Casein Digest Agar