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SOP for Operation of Laminar Air Flow unit

1.0 Purpose:  

To lay down a procedure for operation of Laminar Air Flow.

2.0 Scope:

This procedure is applicable for operation of Laminar Air Flow in Microbiology Laboratory.

3.0 Responsibility:

Microbiologist / Designee:Operation and UV light burning hour monitoring record maintain as per SOP.

Head / Designee - QC :To review and ensure compliance of SOP.

Head / Designee - QA:To approve, implement and ensure compliance of SOP.

4.0 Procedure:

4.1 Operation:

4.1.1 Switch "ON" the main switch.

4.1.2 Switch "ON" the tube light.

4.1.3 Clean the Laminar Air Flow with filtered 70% IPA solution.

4.1.4 Before switch "ON" the Laminar airflow observe manometer reading. Then switch on the blower.    

4.1.5 Observe the manometer reading and ensure that it is between 7 to 15 mm/WC.

4.1.6 Switch "OFF" the tube light.

4.1.7 Switch "ON" the UV light of the laminar airflow for 15 minute and record the burning hours in record.

4.1.8 After completion of 15 min, switch 'OFF' the UV light and Switch 'ON' the tube light.

4.1.9 Keeps the airflow running for at least 15 minutes before starting the work.

4.1.10 After completion of work, clean the laminar air flow bench with 70% v/v IPA solution.

4.1.11 Switch "OFF" the laminar air flow and the tube light after completion of work.

4.1.12 UV light shall be replace after completion of three year or 8000 burning hours earlier.

4.2 Calibration:

4.2.1 Calibration frequency is once in a year.

4.2.2 Calibration shall be done by external party as per defined frequency.

4.3 Maintenance:

4.3.1 If LAF is not working properly immediate inform to Head/designee QC.

4.3.2 Head QC will inform to the Engineering /equipment manufacturer / service person.

4.3.3 After completion of major repairing / servicing job, calibrate the equipment to ensure the proper working.

5.0 Abbreviation:

QA-Quality Assurance
QC-Quality Control
SOP-Standard operating procedure
LAF-aminar Air Flow
IPA-Isopropyl Alcohol
WC-Water Column