SOP of Operation of Fume Hood

SOP of Operation of Fume hood

1.0       Purpose

To lay down the procedure for operation of fume hood.

2.0       Scope:

This procedure is applicable for operation of fume hood in Quality control department.
sop for operation of fuming hood

3.0       Responsibility:

      QC Officer/Executive/Designee: To operate the instrument as per procedure.
      QC Head/Designee: To review and implement and ensure compliance of SOP.
      QA Head/Designee: To approval, implement and ensure compliance of SOP.

4.0       Procedure:

4.1       Switch on the light of fume hood.
4.2       Push the 'green' starter switch to put on the exhaust fan.
4.3       Open half of the slash door provided on front view of fume hood.
4.4       Keep required material in the fume hood which generates fumes or toxic vapors.
4.5       Close the half opened slash door fully.
4.6       After completing the operation, switch off the fume hood by pushing the 'red' switch provided on the starter of exhaust.
4.7       Perform refluxing and igniting processes under fume hood.

4.8       Use acids and bases under fume hood and after usage replace it back in "Acids and Base" cupboard provided beneath the fume hood.


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