SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Passbox

Standard Operating Procedure for Operation and Cleaning of Passbox.

1.0 Purpose:
To lay down the procedure for operation of pass box.
2.0 Scope:
This procedure is applicable for operation of pass box in respective department.
SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Passbox

3.0 Responsibility:
Microbiologist/ Designee :
•To follow operation of pass box as per SOP.
•To recording burning hour of UV light as per frequency.
•To maintain UV light burning hour record as per format.
Head/ Designee - QC :
•To review, implement and ensure compliance of SOP.
Head/ Designee - QA:
•To approve, implement and ensure compliance of SOP.
4.0 Procedure
4.1 Precaution:
4.1.1 Make sure that pass box is well cleaned.
4.1.2 Put UV light ON for 15 min before transferring of material.
4.1.3 Both the doors of the pass box should not be opened simultaneously.
4.2 Operation:
4.2.1 Switch ON the main supply.
4.2.2 Ensure equipment is in clean state.
4.2.3 Clean the working area with 70% IPA.
4.2.4 Close the both door of the pass box and switch on the UV light for 15 min. before routine use.
4.2.5 Record the burning hours as show in the hours meter of pass box and switch off the U.V. light.
4.2.6 Maintain the record of burning hours of UV light once in a day as per format.
4.2.7 Ensure that one door should be close while transferring the material.
4.2.8 After material transfer close the door carefully.
4.2.9 Transfer material is to be removed from opposite side of the pass box.
4.2.10 Carefully remove all the material from the pass box and close the door.
4.2.11 UV light shall be replace after completion of three year or 8000 burning hours whichever is earlier.
4.3 Cleaning of Pass Box:
4.3.1 Keep the pass box interior and exterior free from dust.
4.3.2 Before starting usage for the first time in a day, clean with 70% IPA using lint free cloth soaked.
4.3.3 Inside cleaning of the pass box is recommended in the following cases: Before starting any work in the pass box. In the event of liquid spoilage in the pass box or when required.